Star Wars Action Figures Unleashed!

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We recently acquired some sealed in package Star Wars Unleashed figures.  At first glance they looked great, but after looking more carefully, we noticed several defects in the packaging:

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All of these had bent/split and creased cards…   The value of a sealed figure will always be higher than an opened figure.  Even if the packaging is worn and in poor condition.  However, we know that these figures aren’t terribly hard to find and we could save money on the shipping by shedding the volume and weight of the original packaging.  Plus the packaging itself was begging to be opened:

“…meticulously designed, artist-interpreted sculptures capture some of the most compelling Star Wars characters in their rawest and most electrifying moments. Their innermost emotions and essences are frozen in time with stunning artistry and detail.” – as described from the back of the original packaging. How could we not open them?

We did – take a look:

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The figures are like mini plastic statues. These “toys” don’t have any articulation and are best suited for collectors who have some empty shelf space to display them on. They were released in a 7-inch tall series (as pictured here) and later they came out in a miniature line that had 2 inches tall figures. Each figure is dynamically posed on a unique base. The 7″ series is one of our favorite Star Wars lines released in the last 10 years. These figures had good detail and were somewhat easy on collector’s wallets. A majority of the figures could be found for $15-$45. The first edition Darth Vader with interchangeable heads was the toughest to find and most expensive – his cost: $125-150.