Top Toys 2012

Here is our top ten list of toys and collectibles released in 2012.

  1. Mumm-Ra – Thundercats (1/4 scale) statue by Pop Culture Shock
  2. Boba Fett –  Star Wars (Scum and Villainy edition) 1/6 scale figure by Sideshow Collectibles
  3. Hulk – The Avengers by Diamond Select Toys
  4. Baby Doll – Sucker Punch 1/6 scale figure by Hot Toys
  5. Predator – Predator (classic version)  1/6 scale figure by Hot Toys
  6. 104Th Battalion “Wolf Pack”  – Star Wars, The Clone Wars 3-3/4″ figure box set by Hasbro
  7. Star Wars Jabba’s Palace Play Set – Star Wars building set by LEGO
  8. Mumm-Ra – Thundercats (classic line) mega-sized figure by Mezco
  9. Captain America – Captain America 1/6 scale figure by Hot Toys
  10. Funny Car Mater – Cars 2 (Disney Pixar) by Mattel

Mixed Feelings:

As a huge fan of the Walking Dead TV show we were very excited about McFarlane Toys Walking Dead action figure line. The show rocks, the action figures are hot sellers, but overall the quality of the Toys kinda missed the mark. (5-inch  figures are an awkward scale for collectors, and we were somewhat disappointed with the paint, sculpting and articulation).